Ray Titiryn and Larry Guthrie 


The LaRaDos are a musical duo that plays a variety of dance music from the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s. The name is a word combo made up from the first names of the 2 members of the group: "The LArry Guthrie - RAy Titiryn DuO.

Ray and Larry are journeyman musicians and have been members of the American Federation of Musicians for many years. They are former members of the popular Edmonton, Alberta dance group "The Nomads" who were featured guests of The Edmonton and Calgary Symphony Orchestras and dominated the Edmonton dance scene for over 17 years.

Larry plays keyboards and does most of the lead vocals. Ray also sings lead and is a great instrumentalist. Ray plays tenor and alto sax, keys, guitar and is featured on many of the LaRaDos instrumental numbers.

The duo's main focus is rock and pop music from the 50s, 60s & 70s but they also play many country songs, some old time music, several great instrumentals and a variety of other material including some humorous tunes and lots of group participation songs like Sweet Caroline and Shout. Click on the YouTube link so you can hear for yourself.

Both Ray & Larry are accomplished recording and mixing engineers and produce ALL the background music that the group uses in their live performances. This assures that the arrangements are original and definately gives the group it's own unique sound.

The LaRaDos sound like a complete group with bass, drums, organ, piano, guitar, horn section and background singers. Every bit of the music you hear is 100% LaRaDos. All instruments and vocals are played, sung or created by one or both of The LaRaDos.

The LaRaDos are an economical alternative to much larger groups.

The LaRaDos regularly play for dance crowds in excess of 400 people and excel in that type of dance hall environment. However, the group also fits in well in smaller more intimate settings where people can just listen or get up and dance to fun music. We can easily adjust our volume for any event... large or small..



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